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Questions & Answers

If you have a question that you would like answered and added to this list please send it to

Question: I see a lot of scooters being advertised on craigslist for $550 to $730. Are these scooters any good?

Answer: As a direct importer of scooters we have evaluated a number of these really cheap scooters that are being sold on craigslist, or at low end scooter dealers, used car dealers, gas stations, tire dealers and flea markets. What we have found, when we evaluate them, is that the reason they are so cheap is the manufacturer assembles these scooters using the cheapest materials and parts that they can find so they can sell them at such cheap prices in the US market.

In talking with people that have purchased these cheap scooters we haven't found one customer that is totally happy with their purchase. They tell us that they are constantly breaking down on them and that they don't feel safe driving them at speeds over 20 MPH.


When we looked at these cheap scooters we found that the tires, valve stems and wheel bearings were of such poor quality that the bikes felt unstable at higher speeds. In fact we had one person that purchased one of these cheap scooters that was driving down Independence Blvd. when the front tire core tire stem blew out throwing him off the scooter. He was lucky not to have been run over by the traffic behind him. We take our customers safety very seriously and have decided not to sell these low quality scooters for they are not safe to be driven on public highways at any speed.

Question: I’ve been looking at purchasing a used scooter I’ve seen on craigslist. What experience have you had with used scooters purchased off of craigslist?

Answer: Unfortunately for the most part it’s not been very good. We have used scooters coming into our shop on a weekly basis that were purchased on craigslist. By the time we get all the problems worked out for the customer they end up having spent as much as one of our new scooters cost and they still don’t have a warranty with the scooter.

Question: I recently saw someone advertising new scooters on craigslist made by Wildfire Motors with a 24 month warranty. What do you know about them?

Answer: I looked into this craigslist seller and found that it’s a person selling scooters from their house. They told me that the warranty was with the manufacturer located in Ohio and that they don’t have any parts or service locally for the scooters. Our experience tells us that this type of scooter seller only wants to sell you a scooter, make a few hundred dollars, and then never see you again. All over Charlotte you have tire dealers and hardware stores selling scooters that have no parts or an experienced mechanic to work on them. In reality when you buy one of these scooters it has no warranty with the company selling it. The best way to purchase a scooter is from a local scooter dealer that has the experience and parts to honor the warranty and keep you a satisfied owner.

Question: How can you tell what quality a scooter is?

Answer: The easiest way to tell is by reviewing the scooter warranty. Ask for a copy of the warranty. If the warranty is a manufacturer’s warranty and they are located in China the warranty has very little value. Good quality scooters will come with at least a 1 year parts and labor warranty.

Question: What is the cheapest scooter you sell?

Answer: At Carolina Fun Machines we don’t sell the really cheap scooters. We do sell a complete line of quality scooters made by Znen and Puma Cycles at very low prices and back them with the best service and support in the Charlotte area. As a direct importer of scooters we could sell the really cheap scooters but after a few months of ownership you wouldn’t be happy with your purchase. We have a number of customers that thought all scooters were the same, because they looked the same, and bought based on the lowest price. They ended up very disappointed and sold them, returning to us for one of our quality scooters.

Question: Do you charge extra for freight, assembly and documentation fees?

Answer: There are a number of scooter dealers that advertise the price of their scooter and then when they write up the sales contract them add extra charges for these items. We have had a number of customers that have purchased from us that have told us other dealers advertised a price for the scooter and then charged as much as $199 for Documentation Fees and $598 for Freight and Assembly. At Carolina Fun Machines the price we list on our website for the scooter is the price that you pay. The only other charges we add to the scooter price are the sales tax. On scooters over 50cc, if you want us to handle the state inspection and DMV paperwork, we add the related inspection, title registration and licensing fees.

Question: Can Carolina Fun Machines handle the paperwork with DMV or will I need to go to one of their offices and wait in line to get my scooter titled and licensed.

Answer: We can handle all of the DMV paperwork for you so you don’t have to take time out of your busy schedule to wait in line at a DMV office. We have North Carolina license plates and registration tags at our dealership. With proof of insurance and a valid motorcycle license or learners permit we can deliver your scooter ready to ride. We will handle all the paperwork for you and deliver your scooter to you with your actual license plate and registration certificate.

Question: Who makes the scooters that you sell?

Answer: Carolina Fun Machines is an authorized franchised dealer for Sym, CPI, Znen, Puma Cycles, Gorilla Motor Works and Lance Powersports.

Carolina Fun Machines is the area’s largest scooter dealership offering 21 different models of 50cc, 150cc and 250cc scooters. If you read the scooter forums Znen are considered to be some of the best built scooters manufactured in China. Znen scooters come with a number of upgrades such as a YUASA battery and a Gates Rubber Powerlink drive belt. Because of the outstanding quality of the Znen scooters they come with a one year or 6,000 mile parts and labor warranty.


Question: Are all Chinese Scooters the same?

Answer: As a direct importer of Chinese made scooters Carolina Fun Machines has evaluated dozens of Chinese scooter manufacturers and assemblers. Most of them are of very poor quality because they are being built to sell at very cheap prices focused towards the very low end of the market.

These scooters are the ones that are sold with no warranty or a 30 to 180 day parts only warranty, usually from parts stores, used car dealers, tire dealerships and small independent scooter dealerships.

When Carolina Fun Machines sells a customer a scooter we are looking at building a long term relationship with the customer. So we pass up these cheaper scooter manufacturers and only import from the best manufacturers in China. That is why we can offer the warranties that we do. They may cost a little more but in the long run they are less expense to own and keep running.

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